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Malibu Connection 2021



 Oct. 17, 2021


Four 1-Day RetreatS Throughout the Year!

 with Master Teachers
 Carol Prentice, Michael Gelb, Michael Frederick,
            John Baron, Lauren Hill, & Caren Bayer


8:00 ~ 11:00 (PDT)


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We had such a great time at our Malibu Zoom Retreat this past December, that we decided to offer 4-one day events over the next 10 months. This will be leading up to our annual Alexander Technique Malibu Retreat at the beautiful Serra Retreat Center overlooking the magical blue Pacific!
Our dedicated team of teachers has joined together to organize outstanding, innovative, and inspiring 4 one-day retreats. Positive energy and awakened consciousness are more critical than ever, both for individuals and society. Each 3-hour event will feature three Alexander Teachers. They will present various presentations on topics related to the Alexander Technique and PsychoPhysical Re-Education. We are devoted to helping you leave each retreat with replenished life energy, inspired expanded awareness, and a sense of personal empowerment. 

April 18th ~ 1-Day Retreat Featured Teachers


We will come together for an introduction, then each teacher will present a 45-minute class that specializes in the topics listed below. We will close with a wrap-up. There will be 3/5-minute breaks. These sessions are taught so that if you are an AT teacher you will see how to take this work into your own teaching and if you’re a student of the Alexander Technique how to apply these principles into your own life. Come join us!
  • Teaching/Learning the Alexander Technique on Zoom with Carol Prentice: We all love our hands-on Alexander lessons. That little ‘hit’ we get from working with a teacher. Over the past 18+ months, we have as teachers really had to change how we work with our students, or if you are a student how you learned from your teacher.  Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t quite over. In this one hour, I will demonstrate various ways in which to engage your student. Or if you are a student how to work on yourself. Plus, find out what you’re doing!
  • The Alexander Technique with Michael Gelb: 
  • The Alexander Technique with Lauren Hill: 

 For these three sessions please have a yoga mat or something to lie down on. Books for your head a chair and clear space on a wall to be able to use.


1-day Retreat Cost :

Past Malibu Retreat Attendees: $75

Regular Fee: $95

(Once you attend one of these sessions the rest our $75)

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