“What impressed me most was the warm spirit of the workshop.  The teachers worked hard, together and individually, to provide a friendly and supportive environment. What a surprise it was to attend the Performance on the final night and realize what an amazing wealth of talent existed in my fellow participants with whom I had shared the week. I now have more of a conceptual understanding of how to begin to find more ease in my body, and feel like I integrated a bit of that.  At the same time I am even more aware of all I do not yet understand.  I look forward to learning more and perhaps eventually finding ways I can incorporate Alexander work into my psychology practice, even if only to refer people when appropriate. ”

Madeleine (Lin) Crockett, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychologist 

“The teachers were great.  The walkabouts are still my favorite.”

Greta Lee. Gardener | Permaculturist and Retired Scientist 

“The Alexander Technique Workshop is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had, both as a college professor and administrator, and as an Alexander Technique student. It could not have been better organized or have more outstanding, masterful faculty, as well as intelligent, interesting participants from around the world. It was a life-enhancing, even transformative experience for many. The atmosphere was extremely positive, caring, supportive, energizing, and stimulating. I came away a happier, more whole person.”

Barbara Lister-Sink, Ed.D. | Director, School of Music, Professor of Piano, Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC. 

“At first, I felt out of place surrounded by so many people of the performing arts. I soon learned that my status as simply a mule rider did not lessen my importance of being a student of the Alexander Technique. My presence was valued and appreciated every day of the workshop. I had prepared myself for a week of intellectual knowledge of the Alexander Technique, I was totally unprepared for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes that occurred in my mind and body during my week at the residential workshop. It is clearly evident that changes occurred in my body and mind that have heightened my experiences in the saddle with my mules. Conscious body awareness practices learned from my Alexander teacher and from the Alexander Technique residential workshop allow me to ride confidently, effortlessly, and in Union with my equine partners.”

Toni Sheads | Retired Middle School Teacher with 34 years of service

“This workshop is helpful for people from beginners to advanced and there is no barrier between people at different levels. We are all travelers together along the Alexander road for a week.”

Barbara Smith | Beginning Student

“I’ve been to this workshop three times: first as an interested student, then as a teacher trainee and this last month as a very nearly qualified teacher. Each workshop has been a landmark in my life.”

Jonathon Leathwood | Alexander Technique Teacher Trainee