Enjoy the Magic of Tuscany…

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Creating Balance Between Body & Mind

An Exploration of Psycho-Physical Work

with the

Alexander Technique, Yoga/Ayurveda,

and the Feldenkrais Method



San Gimignano, Italy
August 30 – Sept. 4th, 2021

We have moved the Retreat to later in the Summer this year due to COVID-19. We hope by then that we can travel with ease, be together safely and learn. 


Imagine yourself this Summer in magical Tuscany, Italy. Experiencing the opportunity for both learning and leisure time at the beautiful Villa Ducci. The Villa Ducci is located in a panoramic position with magnificent views overlooking the medieval town San Gimignano, less than 1.2 miles from the city center. 

San Gimignano is one of the most magical hill-towns in Italy. Surrounded by 13th-century walls and fourteen medieval towers, this loved city is home to many beautiful sights including the Duomo di San Gimignano with its famous frescoes by Ghirlandaio. Villa Ducci is just outside the walls of the town, offering a peaceful setting with a swimming pool, Italian-style home cooking, and cozy atmospheric accommodation. A more perfect place for a retreat is hard to imagine.

Immerse yourself in the study of the Alexander Techniquebreath-centered Yoga, practical teachings of Ayurveda, and the Feldenkrais Method. These disciplines teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle.  By seeing how your habit patterns interfere with your posture and movement, your breath, the food choices you make, and lifestyle habits that are no longer serving you. 

Each day will include:

  • Morning Yoga Class with Breath and Meditation Practices.
  • Daily small-group Alexander Technique Classes.
  • You will receive 4 Individual Alexander Technique Lessons.
  • Awareness Through Movement classes
  • Specialty classes for musicians, singers, actors, professional speakers, etc.
  • Ayurvedic talks on self-care, food as medicine, and working with the Five Sense Therapies. 
  • Discussions on how to bring self-care practices into your daily living.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to sign-up for a Tuscan Cooking Class, and a Wine Tasting at a Local Organic Winery. Time to explore the beautiful town of San Gimignano and the local area. Plus lounging by the poolside, making new friends, and enjoying some quiet time. 

Join Michael Frederick, Carol Prentice, John Nicholls, Paolo FrigoliJohn Baron, and Sabine Pfeffer for 5-days of learning, exploring, fun, and the magic of Italy!